Koert Vermeulen Koert Vermeulen

Koert Vermeulen founded ACT Lighting Design agency, in Brussels/Belgium in 1995 and began creating lighting-, set-, video- and content designs for large-scale events, “sound & light” shows, theatre and music productions. Since 1998, he has expanded his work towards architectural lighting design for retail projects, city master plans, heritage sites and exhibitions. Among other, his projects include: “Le Rêve” spectacle, at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel & Casino in USA, Opening and Closing ceremony of the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, “OVO” multi-sensory art object and “Tree rings” installation on the Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris (2011 – 2014).

For over 20 years, Koert never stopped to innovate and continues to experiment with new ways to enrapture audiences and to develop new design techniques, constantly researching new domains of application.

“Neopter” – drones for entertainment industry

Koert’s latest innovation “Neopter” developed in partnership with Puy du Fou International for the “Cinéscénie” show, is the world’s premiere of drones destined to entertainment that offers an infinity of artistic and technical possibilities. By their double function of “scenic carrier” and real “leading performer”, “Neopter” revolutionizes the staging universe and bring a completely new experience to the spectators. Able to evolve within an aerial fleet and dance in the open air at 60 meters above the scene, even in strenuous wind conditions.

After 1 year of development and approval of General Department of French Civil Aviation (DGAC), four technological patents were filed to protect “Neopter’s” technological advances. As a world premiere, it can fly autonomously, thanks to an onboard “intelligence” and a GPS system. “Neopter” can also carry sound, video, lighting and scenography or special effects like pyrotechnics, with a weight/power ratio record. Finally, it is able to fly under rain conditions, land and take off from water, being completely waterproof.

To learn more about his work and projects, please visit: www.actlightingdesign.com

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