Dario Floreano

Prof. Dario Floreano is Director of the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL). He holds an M.A. in visual psychophysics (1988), an M.S. in Neural Computation, (1991) and a PhD in Robotics (1995). He held research positions at Sony (Tokyo), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, and Harvard University. In 2011 he started the Swiss National Center of Robotics, a program including EPFL, ETH, University of Zurich, and University of Lugano and funded by the Swiss government for up to 12 years to promote research, education, and technology transfer in wearable and rescue robots. Prof. Floreano’s research focuses on the convergence of biology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and robotics. He published more than 300 articles and 4 books on Artificial Neural Networks, Evolutionary Robotics, Bio-inspired artificial intelligence, and Bio-inspired Flying Robots with MIT Press and Springer Verlag. He has been a founding member of the World Economic Forum Council on robotics and smart devices, co-founder of the International Society of Artificial Life, Inc. (USA), and executive board member of the International Society for Neural Networks. His research activities have resulted in two successful spin-off companies: senseFly Ltd. and Flyability Ltd.


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